New Voice #

Lost my voice mail box due to inactivity (that’s what I get for not podcasting in a while)

New number is : 206-666-3279 (note: an easy mnemonic is 206-666-EASY)

773rssI’m back with a brand spanking new podcast!

Discussing what’s been up, a couple of those classic Mental floss quizzes, and more love from the 773 are code.  Need feedback (thanks VJ, for the voice comment on the new line, and Archerr for the last comment which was actually still in email)


Podsafe Music from

Background music mix courtesy of DJ Oskar

Contact me at 206-350-9356 or at 773podcast(at)

Website update!

Hi gang, leave me comments on my new website.  Wanted something dark, but colorful.   Since I lost all of the links, rebuilding will be a long slog.  🙁

I’ll be posting a new podcast later today.  Please note the new comment line number:   206-350-9356

Lost site!

My web hosting provider lost the database associated to my site during a hardware upgrade, and I did not have backups of the blog content.   I’ll be posting a new podcast soon and will be updating the website soon.